HOIAN MARKET - For group of minimum 40 persons

The ladies in "ao dai" (traditional dress) to greet guests and offering cold towels and cold fruit cocktails on trays, Lion dance will welcome and guide to Hoai terrace.

Hoai river terract

Hoi An buffet dinner: 
All guests can enjoy among a large choice of foods. Especially, you can see and try special foods of Hoi an.

Trade village: 
Pottery village, scholar writes your name by Chinese characters in red paper, the guests can try made and paint name in the pots or lovely birds, turtles, buffaloes, cats, ducks, etc. 

Cham show: 

melodious music resound from Hoai terrace with the ladies in twinkle dress will demonstrate "Feather fan Flower", Cham Show ...
(2 hours).

Flowery Lighting show: 
Hundreds of colorful lanterns will be dropped on Hoai river close the restaurant make a glistening sense in front of guests.